Tenants Advice

To ensure your move is as trouble free as possible, we would like to take this opportunity to bring a number of points to your attention. However, this is a guide to the initial procedural issues only.

Our guide to renting 

To ensure your move is as trouble free as possible, we would like to take this opportunity to bring a number of points to your attention. However, this is a guide to the initial procedural issues only – further information will be given to you throughout the course of the tenancy process.

Get registered

You can register with us directly on line through the Home page or by phoning or visiting our branch.  We update our website daily and have access to many more properties via our independent networking with clients and estate agents. If you are on our mailing list, we will be able to alert you of any new properties via email. If you are interested in viewing property, act fast and contact us straightaway.


Once an offer has been accepted, it is subject to contract, satisfactory references and cleared funds.

You will be asked to pay a preliminary deposit of one week’s rent and this will be held by Tates and will be refunded should your offer not be acceptable to the landlord. If your offer is accepted, then this is retained towards the initial monies for the tenancy.

One your preliminary deposit is paid to Tates, it will be held pending our taking up references upon you. It is no guarantee that the property will be let to you. If references do not prove satisfactory to the landlord or Tates, or if you withdraw for any reason the preliminary deposit will be returned to you less referencing and the administration cost.

If the landlord withdraws for any reason (other than your references being acceptable to Tates/the landlord) then the whole of the preliminary deposit will be refunded to you.


Each prospective tenant will need to complete a reference application form. We will also require you to bring into the office proof of identity in the form of a drivers licence or passport, in order for us to take a copy and a copy of a current utility bill. Tates use independent companies specialising in supplying referencing services to the residential lettings industry. The charge for this is £48.00 (inclusive of VAT) per person. All reference reports are subject to our client’s approval.

Initial Monies

Prior to the commencement of the tenancy, the initial monies will be required in cleared funds in the form of a banker’s draft, bank transfer or by card (before 4.00pm Monday – Friday). We also accept Switch, Visa and MasterCard payments.

• The first months rental payment in advance

• Six weeks deposit – usually held by Tates (please see deposit section for further details)

• Administration fee of £180.00 (inclusive of VAT) per person

• Reference fee of £48.00 (inclusive of VAT) per person

• Tenancy Deposit Scheme registration fee £30.00 (inclusive of VAT) per tenancy

Rental Payments

All rental payments thereafter must be made by standing order as specified in your tenancy agreement. Tates will produce a standing order mandate for you at the beginning of the Tenancy. You will need to send the Standing Order Mandate to your bank for processing. In the case of multiple tenants we recommend that a joint household account be opened, as the rent can be paid from one account.

Please ensure rent is paid in cleared funds on or before the rent due date. We recommend setting up the standing order three days before the rent due date in order that once transferred the rent arrives on the due date.  Interest on late payment of rent will be charged as stated in the tenancy agreement.


If a guarantor is required for the tenancy, the guarantor will referenced as detailed above. The guarantor will be required to sign the tenancy agreement and be provided with information regarding their responsibilities. We will also require ID from the guarantor in the form of a driving licence/passport and utility bill. There is no charge for the first guarantor to be referenced. 

Tenancy Agreement

All prospective tenants must be named in the tenancy agreement and are jointly and severely liable by the terms of the agreement.

The tenancy agreement forms a legally binding contract between the landlord and the tenant(s). If you are unsure of its contents or your rights and obligations we recommend you consult a solicitor.


The term of the tenancy require the tenant to pay for gas, electricity, water, telephone charges and Council Tax unless otherwise stated. Tenants should contact the utility companies directly to ensure that the supplies are transferred into their name and are not disconnected.


Tates hold the deposit usually in the capacity as stakeholder, throughout the term of your tenancy.  The deposit will be registered with a Tenancy Deposit Scheme and you will be provided with information of the scheme and a copy of the registration certificate. This deposit is held in a separate client account and is refundable to you at the end of the tenancy once any deductions for damage or default have been established (if any) and agreed between the landlord and tenant.

Tates, unless otherwise requested, will organise for an independent inventory clerk at the start of the tenancy to check the contents and decorative condition of the property. The tenant and landlord will receive a copy of this report to sign and approve. At the end of the tenancy this document will be checked against the actual state of the property after your tenancy and any discrepancies will be highlighted in the Checkout report. This report will be sent to the tenant and landlord to agree any dilapidations that may be recorded. The landlord pays for the inventory check at the beginning of the tenancy and the tenant pays for the check out report at the end of the tenancy. Under the terms of stakeholding, no funds can be released to either party without the other’s consent.  Tates will require written consent from the landlord and tenant to release the deposit.

Should the situation arise where there is a dispute and agreement cannot be reached and the deposit is held in a Tenancy Deposit Scheme then the landlord and tenant will be able to apply to the Tenancy Deposit Scheme in order to conclude the return of the deposit.  Further information can be found at:: www.thedisputeservice.co.uk

Renewal of Tenancy

Tates will contact you approximately two to three months before the expiry date of your tenancy to establish what your plans are for remaining on in the property. Should you wish to renew we will negotiate the terms of the renewal with your landlord.  However, should you wish to seek alternative accommodation to rent or to buy we will be very happy to assist you in your search.

If the tenancy is renewed there will be an administrative charge of £90.00 (inc VAT). An invoice will be sent through with the appropriate renewal documents.